Follow the Mansions to aViewpoint

Directions from New York:

Follow Rt I-95N to Exit 3A (Rt. 138E) in Rhode Island. Follow the road signs for Rt. 138E to the Jamestown and Newport Bridges. Exit the Newport Bridge at the first exit. Bear right, at the second stop light bear right again onto America's Cup Blvd. Contiinue through Newport to the junction of Thames and America's Cup, at this intersection the road curves to the left and America's Cup turns into Memorial Blvd. Follow Memorial Blvd. to the second stop light and turn right onto Bellevue Ave. (see below)

Directions from Boston:

Follow Rt. 128 to Rt. 24S through Fall River into Rhode Island exiting at Rt. 138 the "Middletown and Newport Beaches" exit. Continue on Rt. 138 to the junction of Rt. 138 and Rt. 138A. turning left onto Rt. 138A. At the second stop light, turn left and follow the curve onto Memorial Blvd. continue past the beach and up the hill. At the second stop light turn left onto Bellevue Ave. (see below)

Directions from Bellevue Ave

Follow Bellevue Ave. for approximately two miles or until the end. The street turns right twice as it forms a horseshoe. (Do not turn left onto Ocean Drive) "A Viewpoint" will appear directly in your line of vision, second house on the left hand side of the street (the street becomes Coggeshall at this point although it is not indicated).

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